Day Care Center in Antioch, TN

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At Little Bit of Heaven Christian Learning Center, we are a family owned and Christian day care center. We use Abeka curriculum from ages 2-5, kindergarten readiness. We are located in between 24 and 65 for easy drop off and pick up. We serve a lot of Davison and Williamson county teachers and employees. Ask around; they know who we are.

Our mission at the center is to provide a nurturing Christian environment with traditional hands-on approach in the foundational years of learning. We believe that children learn through play and we strive to teach all skills in a hands-on environment through center-based learning along with a structured curriculum with Abeka.

By teaching in this manner we are able to teach and nurture the whole child. The whole child approach allows us to get to know each child and help them to unlock their own potential by addressing all aspects of learning (social, linguistic, artistic, etc.). For child care, infant care, and preschool education, contact us in Antioch, TN today.

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Why Choose Us

  • Family Owned
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Open Door Policy